"Whether you are just beginning with ASA Basic keel-boat, or are looking for a private captain to sail the world my sea bag is packed and I am ready to set sail!"  
-Captain Rob

Capt. Robert Kupps


Are you looking for a captain to turn your dreams into reality? I have been navigating and exploring the West Coast of the Americas now for over 100,000 miles under sail and power and loving every Nautical mile of it. I have had the pleasure of certifying well over one hundred sailors through my ASA sailing school.

Enjoy México

Surfing the best of Mexico!.jpg

Last year we sailed and dived from Long Beach California down to the Galapagos Islands. We followed the tropical coast of Mexico to Central America. We sailed South to Costa Rica; offshore to Cocos Island; down to Ecuador finishing our outbound leg in the Galapagos Islands. Having amazing experiences all the while surrounded by sea, stars, and incredible wildlife.

Sail, Fish, & more...

We were surround by the Volcanoes of Central America, and saw pods of rarely seen Beluga whales. We walked with 200-year-old tortoises, and dived with magnificent Hammerhead sharks. Our journey was both exciting and humbling, and a major part of why voyaging under sail, and sharing the underwater wonders of the sea is so rewarding.

A.S.A. # 101 or #103 Jungle Sleepover!

This could possibly be the most exciting 48 hours of your life!

After a thorough orientation and safety review we will depart the marina aboard our compact sailing yacht specifically set up for teaching the art of sailing.

We will spend the day learning Basic Terminology and how to operate each piece of equipment safely and efficiently.
We will make our way across the bay under sail while learning to maneuver using all the points of sail.
Introduction to the Navigation Rules will help get us across the bay safely.

A swim in the bay and lunch in the cockpit is a great way to take a break and enjoy the grandeur of Banderas Bay.

Afternoon finds us scouting out a safe place to anchor the boat and access the beach and jungle for our overnight stay.

An afternoon snorkel......

They say there is nothing like a meal cooked on an open fire unless you compare it to sleeping under the stars.

After an unforgettable night of no trace camping in the jungle we will enjoy a hot mug of coffee back on board while reviewing Aids to Navigation and preparing to set sail for another wonderful  day at sea.