Hello Capt Robert,

The sailing combo course was amazing! I felt very stimulated and supported by Capt Eugenie and the rest of the team-crew.

I think that the method and excellence combined with the great sense of humor of Capt Eugenie Russel helped a lot!

During the course I felt how I was developing new skills each day but I need a lot of practice to continue developing the sense and knowledge of sails, wind, and navigation. It is like a new beginning...

Congratulations for this fantastic experience!

Regards to everyone !!!

Angélica Breña

I wanted to thank you for making my introduction into learning sailing so rewarding and fun.  Your openness to modifying your instruction to suite the unique needs of your students was wonderful.  By allowing me to not just observe you undertake a task, or explain it, but having me performing them was instrumental in my sailing knowledge build.  Whether it was loading up the winches, to adjusting sail trim, to deploying the anchor, actually doing these evolution's was great.

I’d also say your unique knowledge of the Mexican waters we sailed in, special anchorages, and other neat things to see and do, such as observing whales, sting rays, sea turtles, dolphins , and really cool beaches (with the added benefit of good food and drink) added other unexpected benefits. 

Another terrific part of the week was taking the time to allow us to see the many natural wonders available in the area including snorkeling through a cave to discover the coolest most secluded beach I’ve ever seen.  Your comfort and experience in the water coupled with top notch snorkeling instruction made me feel much more at ease in undertaking these activities.

I came to your school expecting good sailing instruction, I ended up with terrific sailing instruction, and many “ocean adventures”.

Thank you for all the laughs and good times.  I plan to sign up for another week of adventure soon.

Best regards,

Chris Vaughn

Phoenix AZ


It was now or never, a few years ago. The right boat appeared for sale in the right marina, at the right time. Buying my first boat was the easy part. The problems were that I didn’t know how to sail it and I needed to prove I knew how to sail it before I could get insurance coverage beyond the dock. The locals at Paradise Village sent me to Captain Rob Kupps. I signed up for the ASA courses which included sailing instruction and an overnight. Rob and I spent many hours sailing around the bay of Banderas and as a climax my son came down and we did an overnight at Punta Mita and Chacala. The trip was intense with concentrated information and experience , exactly what I wanted. But more than that, Rob instilled in me, and my son, a sense of careful discipline which can be built upon as time and experience go forward. I wanted to becomes a sailor and with the important basic help from Rob I feel I am finding my way down that sometimes narrow path.

I recommend Rob for a safe comfortable fun journey , or as I wanted, a challenging experience, or most anything in between.

John Lutz, S/V Gato


Dick and I both had some basic 'here grab this line and do this' crewing experience but never knew why we were doing what we did so we decided it was about time to learn the basics of sailing. Capt. Kupps was easy to contact and in the perfect location. The classroom was on 'On Belay' right from the beginning and we started learning the moment we boarded her. Capt Kupps was great at constantly challenging and quizzing us without it ever feeling like we were under pressure- even for slow learners like me! The best part was that we had fun too, taking turns and reinforcing everything we did. It was relaxing yet stimulating.  Capt Kupps was very flexible and made the best of every situation- even a calm day turned into a trip to a quiet bay, exploring a waterfall and lunch, followed by a fun sail home. We had a great time! Highly recommended!

Thanks again,

Dick and Jackie


Zak and I had a great time with Rob sailing 'On Belay'. We had our one year old son with us which made things more challenging but Rob was extremely accommodating and we all had a great experience. With the luxury of one-on-one teaching Rob tailored the courses to our specific needs and his experience was evident in the detail of his knowledge. Not only did we gain sailing skills and accreditation but we snorkeled with sea lions and slept the night away anchored in an ancient volcano under a crescent moon...perfect!

We'd definitely recommend Rob as an instructor to anyone. Looking forward to more days sailing with you Cap'n!

Zak, Suzi, and Ronan


Para personas como yo que tenemos un profundo amor por el mar,  La certificación de la ASA  me abre las puertas a todo un mundo de oportunidades o mejor dicho a todo un MAR de oportunidades.

Mis maestros y ahora amigos Robert y Eugennie completan una experiencia que por si sola es increíble,  Al convertirme en capitán (y aunque solo sea el principio)  me hace partícipe de un selecto grupo de personas en el mundo que tenemos la fortuna de disfrutar y utilizar los elementos para nuestra
diversión y libertad.

Recomiendo ampliamente este curso,  no pierdan el tiempo lo vale perfectamente.

Los Veo en el AGUA!!!!!



My partner and I enjoyed our best anniversary ever when we did an overnight trip to Espiritu Santo on On Belay with Captain Kupps.

We will never forget dancing under the stars on the deck of the boat after watching the sun go down on a secluded bay in the carter of an ancient volcano. It was amazing!   Captain Kupps was a great instructor for #103 Coastal Cruising and #104 Bareboat Charter. I learned a ton and had a fabulous time doing it. The Captain is a knowledgeable and courteous instructor besides being someone who you'll enjoy spending hours with on a boat.


Anchoring Class Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Anchoring Class Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Sailing is something that had always intrigued me but that I had never done. What attracted me to Capt. Rob was not just his experience, but more the fact that he had not lost his excitement for the activity nor become a "grizzled know-it-all". I quickly found that his skills as a teacher are
equal to his sailing skills, an important (and somewhat rare) combination that means he can effectively explain and communicate his knowledge. He took the time to find out why I wanted to learn as to make the course as relevant
as possible for me. His style is a mix of "laid-back yet demanding". You will learn the right way of doing things and why the right way is the best way, but it is demonstrated and explained, not just thrown-out and shoved down your throat. I took the ASA 101 and 103 courses and not only gained a
great deal of knowledge, but coming from a base of zero I gained the confidence to handle and sail a boat.

Bill Wolfe


I dreamed with the Jacques Cousteau voyages in Polynesia when I was a young boy but I always thought I could not afford those trips.  Twenty years after, I discovered the bareboot chartering option and I understood I could reach my dreams.  But I needed ASA certifications 101, 103 and 104 if I wanted to charter a sailboat easily.  I found Captain Robert and his Ocean Adventure A.S.A. Sailing School so I traveled to Mexico.   I took classes with Robert and with Captain Eugenie Russell and the whole experience was excellent.  In the first days we sailed in a 26 feet sailboat and after we sailed in a 44 foot  Kelly Peterson sailboat.  I took the classes with another student, Sergio from Mexico, and in the last days we were more  proficient, confident and relaxed.  I hope I can return to Mexico and travel with Robert in the Mexican Pacific.



I am writing in support of my friend and sailing instructor, Capt. Robbie Kupps. I have known and sailed with Robbie since 2000, covering sailing adventures in two hemispheres and far-flung waters and countries. We have sailed in 26 foot sloops and 46 foot ketches and everything in between. Our travels have taken us to the Galapagos Islands, the volcano studded lands of Central America, the stark and beautiful waters of the Sea of Cortez and the amazing Gold Coast of Mexico. During this time, I have also benefited from Robbie’s expertise and training not only as a USCG-licensed Captain and American Sailing Association Instructor, but also as a PADI Dive Master.

My buddy Clarence and I first met Rob when we were looking for an ASA Sailing school in the Southwest USA. For a couple of mature, Arizona “desert rats” like us, sailing was a new and exotic undertaking. From the beginning, Robbie made the lessons fun, exciting and informative. We continued our training with his sailing school in Sonora, Mexico, through the bare-boat charter level, and at the same time improved our scuba skills. Thanks to Robbie’s training and patient teaching approach, he is a great guide and instructor for truly 3-dimensional adventures in the sea.    

Clarence and I continued sailing as Rob who served as a teacher and captain on longer cruises. I ended up buying my first boat after a great father and son cruise my boys and I took with Rob down the Mexican Gold Coast.

In addition to being an enthusiastic instructor and knowledgeable sailor with years of experience under his keel, Robbie is a devoted family man and father. He and his wife, a Mexican citizen, and two beautiful children live and work in San Carlos and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Robbie is fluent in Spanish. His bi-lingual ability and knowledge of Latin American customs have helped us negotiate ports of entry and formalities on innumerable occasions during our travels at sea.

It has been my great pleasure to know and sail and dive with Robbie for the last 10 years. I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone with a yearning to either begin sailing/cruising/diving or to expand their current level of knowledge and skill.

Fredric Mitchell


I had the opportunity to receive sailing instruction from Captain Robert Kupps and the experience was excellent. In a matter of just a few days we sailed snorkeled with sea lions, explored a couple of islands around La Paz and even negotiated our way through a full blown "Chubasco" at sea. My experience was so great receiving my ASA-101 and 103 certifications from Captain Rob that I am heading down to the Sea of Cortez once more to get the next course, ASA-104, while sailing across this time from La Paz towards Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.

 For anyone considering sailing, whether receiving formal instruction or just for fun, I highly recommend you make your way south and enjoy a truly special place with a great instructor and sailing partner.

Thank you Cappy. This is what sailing is all about.


 We had a great week aboard the Kelly Peterson 44'! She is a great boat and we will miss you both. Thank you for teaching us the art of sailing. You have been a superb captain,host, and instructor! We will remember so many moments of  Whale watching, Fair Winds,  Wonderful BBQs, and lots of laughs! Hopefully next time we meet we will have our own nautical stories to share!  We can’t wait to share the memories and photos with my friends and family! By the way,I am now a Jackson Browne fan! 



Whenever you want to learn how to do something, it is always nice to know that you have the best teacher; one that not only shares the an interest in what is being taught, but also the experiences that can be had with that particular skill. Upon hopping into Rob's truck and spying his book on the South Pacific Islands, we knew we had found the right guy. Rob doesn't just teach sailing, he loves sailing.  My wife, Andrea and I were searching for a captain that not only could teach us how to sail, but one who enjoyed the adventure that came with it.  We had been talking about sailing the Bocas and San Blas Islands in Panama, but neither of us had ever sailed or even been on a sailboat before. I e-mailed a few different companies and talked with all of them, but I was impressed with Rob's enthusiasm and patience; therefore, we packed our bags for Vallarta ! That same enthusiasm that brought us to Mexico lasted the entire week and made the learning experience unforgettable. Rob focused on teaching us the skills that we needed to know, but also made it a great vacation. We both left feeling confident in our skills and are now planning that trip that we had been talking about to the Caribbean and Panama. Andrea and I highly recommend Captain Kupps to anyone who wants to get their own adventure started!


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— Jonathan L.