Sailing is something that had always intrigued me but that I had never done. What attracted me to Capt. Rob was not just his experience, but more the fact that he had not lost his excitement for the activity nor become a “grizzled know-it-all”. I quickly found that his skills as a teacher are equal to his sailing skills, an important (and somewhat rare) combination that means he can effectively explain and communicate his knowledge. He took the time to find out why I wanted to learn as to make the course as relevant as possible for me. His style is a mix of “laid-back yet demanding”. You will learn the right way of doing things and why the right way is the best way, but it is demonstrated and explained, not just thrown-out and shoved down your throat. I took the ASA 101 and 103 courses and not only gained a great deal of knowledge, but coming from a base of zero I gained the confidence to handle and sail a boat.
— Bill Wolfe, September 2013

Dick and I both had some basic ‘here grab this line and do this’ crewing experience but never knew why we were doing what we did so we decided it was about time to learn the basics of sailing. Capt. Kupps was easy to contact and in the perfect location. The classroom was on ‘On Belay’ right from the beginning and we started learning the moment we boarded her. Capt Kupps was great at constantly challenging and quizzing us without it ever feeling like we were under pressure- even for slow learners like me! The best part was that we had fun too, taking turns and reinforcing everything we did. It was relaxing yet stimulating. Capt Kupps was very flexible and made the best of every situation- even a calm day turned into a trip to a quiet bay, exploring a waterfall and lunch, followed by a fun sail home. We had a great time! Highly recommended!
— Jackie and Dick

It was now or never, a few years ago. The right boat appeared for sale in the right marina, at the right time. Buying my first boat was the easy part. The problems were that I didn’t know how to sail it and I needed to prove I knew how to sail it before I could get insurance coverage beyond the dock. The locals at Paradise Village sent me to Captain Rob Kupps. I signed up for the ASA courses which included sailing instruction and an overnight. Rob and I spent many hours sailing around the bay of Banderas and as a climax my son came down and we did an overnight at Punta Mita and Chacala. The trip was intense with concentrated information and experience , exactly what I wanted. But more than that, Rob instilled in me, and my son, a sense of careful discipline which can be built upon as time and experience go forward. I wanted to becomes a sailor and with the important basic help from Rob I feel I am finding my way down that sometimes narrow path.

I recommend Rob for a safe comfortable fun journey , or as I wanted, a challenging experience, or most anything in between.
— John Lutz, S/V Gato