The Perfect Way to Vacation

Adventures in México or Tahiti as you Learn to Sail


Ocean Adventures A.S.A. #101
Basic Keelboat Certification

Absolutely the best way to experience Puerto Vallarta and beautiful Banderas Bay!

This fun introductory course

For those who have never experienced the exhilaration of being at sea aboard a sailboat our A.S.A.

#101 Basic Keelboat certification is the perfect introduction. Starting with basic sailing terminology.

You will begin by learning maneuvers, and points of sail, understanding navigation rules and aids to navigation. Hands on use of safety gear, equipment and procedures. Raising the sails and feeling the wind for the first time carry you down the channel and out to sea. The final result is the exhilaration and combination of scenery, sea-life and a sense of freedom you haven’t felt in years.

Course includes:

  • 12 hours of professional sailing instruction with A.S.A. certified instructor Robert Kupps

  • Skills: attaching sails, raising sails, tacking, jibing, navigation rules, docking, and points of sail.

  • A.S.A. International Logbook & seals

  • Certification test


Ocean Adventures A.S.A. #103
Basic Coastal Cruising Certification

This course goes hand in hand with Course #101 and most students with little or no prior sailing experience are able to complete both with in the same week. It is also a prerequisite to taking the Bareboat certification #104.

Course includes: Deck work, further rules of the sea, basic maintenance, first aid, provisioning, helming, radio operation, and simple passage planning.

This course can be completed in two half days or one full day.


Ocean Adventures A.S.A. #104
Bareboat Chartering Certification

The Basic Keelboat and Coastal Cruising courses are both prerequisites for the 104 Bareboat Chartering. This course includes both preparation for the skipper and the sailing yacht for voyaging at sea. We will define and practice skills necessary for safe yacht handling both under sail and while piloting under power. Students will be responsible for preparation of both boat and crew for passage making and dealing with a large yacht under adverse weather conditions. Meteorology, yacht maintenance and supervision of a yachts main systems are some of the subjects we will cover. All provisioning for both students and crew will be purchased and paid for by students, this is an integral part of Bareboat Chartering experience. This course is three days with an overnight live a board. Upon successful completion of this course the student will have the knowledge and confidence to begin bareboat chartering worldwide.